What is an M.Tech thesis all about?

What is an M.Tech thesis all about?
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Mtech thesis is all about what practical knowledge you have gained in your B.Tech, M.tech

From Choosing Base paper till Publication you need to do step by step progress because everything is dependent.

Steps to follow:

  1. Select your base paper from your specified Field of interest. the challenging thing is how your guide or mentor approve the paper? Give him a valid points to get it approve easily . Go through all the literature survey  related to that particular topic. Prepare that why you are taking the particular paper what are the drawbacks that you can improve in your research.
  2. Once your base paper get approved start working on synopsis.  synopsis should be of 20-25 pages which includes Introduction,Literature survey,Problem definition,Objective and methodology , Conclusion and References.Explain everything in this document what new you are going to do in your M.tech Thesis.
  3. After submission of the synopsis , start working on the implementation part . In implementation we need to do implement the new algorithms . our main objective is to improve the previous results of the paper by using new algorithm and methodology.
  4. Meanwhile we  need to write the  review paper and research paper and Thesis report  that comes in documentation part . it should be plagiarism free . the content which we are writing should not be copied from anywhere to get it published in good Journal.

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