Cisco Packet Tracer Projects for, B.Tech or PhD

Cisco Packet Tracer Projects for, B.Tech or PhD
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Cisco Packet Tracer Projects for

Cisco has developed a superb software known as Cisco Packet tracer Project for M.Tech and is essential for anyone preparing for CCNA or higher exams. Since it is very difficult to realize complex network topologies with different devices and interconnections with actual hardware, Cisco developed this product to simulate such topologies and added features which makes debugging easier to understand and implement in real world situations. Therefore one can simulate real life network topologies on their PCs without needing to physically set up devices.

Cisco is the worldwide leader in IT and networking. Cisco developed a Simulator tool to understand the concept of networking named Packet Tracer .The Packet Tracer network simulation tool will help you visualize your network configuration for innovative designs built by you. in which a user or learner can make the network using virtual devices and learn the concept deeply without Purchasing the networking devices like Routers, switches, Servers, PC etc. The Packet Tracer allows users to make network and configure network according to user requirement Packet Tracer provides the facility to  students to creates different protocols different types of network with an almost unlimited number of devices, Packet tracer provides best graphical Results so that students can understand the network working mechanism with virtual devices student can easily encouraging practice, discovery, and trouble-shooting the network ,if the network results does not come according to student choice then need not to create the different network packet tracer provide the facility to modify the network until user or student will not get his best desirable results. The simulation-based learning environment helps students develop 21st century skills such as decision making, creative and critical thinking, and problem solving.

Figure 1. Packet Tracer Network

Cisco Packet Tracer Project for B.Tech Features 


Cisco Packet Tracer Projects for B.Tech is a very effective and powerful network tool used in worldwide almost every country to understand the networking concept deeply. As an integral part of the Networking Academy comprehensive learning experience, Packet Tracer Project for B.Tech provides the varies facilities like design the network ,create the different network, merge the network with others network simulation, visualization, changes  authoring, assessment, and collaboration capabilities to facilitate the teaching and learning of complex technology concepts.

Teachers Experience

Cisco Packet Tracer Projects for PhD also provides different kinds of opportunities for Teachers to demonstrate networking concepts. Packet Tracer provide the virtual environment in which Students and Teachers also can do practice using a command-line interface. Packet Tracer’s simulation mode enables instructors to demon-strate processes that were formerly hidden to students. Packet Tracer  simulation tool  capabilities can help to learning process by providing tables, diagrams, and other visual representations of internal functions such as visual  data transfers and packet content expansion from one computer to another and one network to another network. The simulation mode also decreases the instructor presentation time

Cisco Packet Tracer Project for M.Tech simulation tool helps instructors and students to teach complex networking concepts in the following ways:

  1. Provides a visualise data transfer of complex technologies and configurations
  2. Allows instructors to author customized, guided activities that provide immediate feedback using the Activity Wizard
  3. Enables visualization, animation, and detailed modelling for exploration, experimentation, and explanation
  4. Supports self-paced learning outside the classroom
  5. Supports social learning processes by enabling collaboration and competition
  6. Provides changes in network
  7. Provides best G.U.I Environment for better understanding
  8. Provides configuration different network with almost unlimited virtual devices.

The Student Experience

In the modern days Cisco Packet Tracer Projects for M.Tech is the best tool to simulate the network and understand the networking concept for Students who spend more time in a hands-on mode of learning, with simulation configuration fundamentals when exposed to real equipment. As students can gain practical experience with many tasks such as design the, configuration and troubleshooting, they become more confident in their abilities with Packet Tracer. Cisco Packet Tracer’s multi user functionality also provides an opportunity for social learning, allowing students to collaborate and compete with each other and play games that enhance the learning experience.

Key Features -Cisco Packet Tracer Project for PhD


To understand the any things it’s may be two ways first is logical and second is physical Packet Tracer provides us both ways Cisco Packet Tracer has two work-spaces—logical and physical. The logical workspace users can understand the concept to build logical network topologies by placing, connecting the router, switches and network devices. The physical workspace pro-videos a graphical physical dimension of the logical network, giving a sense of scale and placement in how network devices such as routers, switches, and hosts would look in a real environment. The physical view also provides geographic representations of net-works, including multiple cities, buildings, and wiring closets.

Figure 2. The physical workspace provides a graphical view of the logical network



Project 1.  Implementation OSI and TCP/IP models

Project 2.  Implementation UDP and TCP Protocols

Project 3.  Firewall role in a network.

Project 4.  Access point and wireless controller implementation in a network using paket tracer

Project 5Cloud network in packet tracer

Project 6. Configure Frame Relay for the Cisco CCNA

Project 7. Compare and contrast Network Topologies.

  • Star
  • Mesh
  • Hybrid
  • Ring
  • Bus

Project 8.  Configure, verify, and troubleshoot IPv4 addressing and sub netting

Project 9.  Unicast ,multicast and broad cast network and description

Project 10. Frame switching frame relay

Project 11. Implementation Routing Information protocol RIP on IP Network

Project 12. Implementation EIGRP protocol  on IP network

Project 13. Implementation Static Routing on a network

Project 14.Implementation dynamic Routing on a network.

Project 15. Implementation of IS-IS Routing on a network

Project 16. What is BGP (Border Gateway Protocol )how its work with two  or more than two networks implement networks .

Project 17. Implementation IGRP protocol  on IP network

Project  18. Basic routing between two Routers.

Project 19. Ethernet ,Broadcasts, collisons, hubs switches in pakcet tracer.

Project 20. Network  design and implementation  of entire university  or college.

Project 21. Implementation ipv6 on EIGRP Network

Project 22. vpn (virtual private network)

Project 23. Configure rip ipv6 in packet tracer

Project 24. Configure cisco  Wi-Fi Router using packet tracer on a network.

Project 25. Configure VoIP Phone with CISCO Router & Switch in Packet Tracer


Get Cisco Packet Tracer Projects for B.Tech, M.Tech or PhD from our Experts. There list of projects provides by our experts choose any topics from the list and get complete guidance related to that projects. For More Call us at +91-9041262727 or email us at


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Cisco Packet Tracer Projects for, B.Tech or PhD
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Get Cisco Packet Tracer Projects for B.Tech, M.Tech or PhD from our Experts. There list of projects provides by our experts choose any topics from the list and get complete guidance related to that projects. For More Call us at +91-9041262727 or email us at

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