International Journal On Recent & Innovative Trend In Technology ISSN:2454-1400 For Student Free Publication Under Conference

Dear Author, We would like to introduce you about our Journal International Journal on Recent & Innovative Trend in Technology – IJRITT ISSN: 2454-1400 Call for Papers – Volume. 3 Issue. 11 , November – 2017 IJRITT is an open access Journal. IJRITT is Trusted satisfied authors worldwide & expansion expeditiously. It is our vast pleasure to invite you to submit your manuscript/paper of your research/review/study in...

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Cloud Computing Tools

Various Cloud Simulation tools available in Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a new and emerging technology where the computer hardware and software that we use on our desktop is shared over the internet and we could access such computing facilities typically by purchasing it as a service from another company. This sharing of computing is being made possible with the extensive use virtualization technologies and distributed computing. The Cloud computing providers offer their...

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Data Loading in arff and csv format

How to prepare dataset in arff and csv format

Machine learning algorithms are primarily designed to work with arrays of numbers. This is called tabular or structured data because it is how data looks in a spreadsheet, comprised of rows and columns. Weka has a specific computer science centric vocabulary when describing data: Instance: A row of data is called an instance, as in an instance or observation from the problem domain. Attribute: A...

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data flow diagram word count problem

Hadoop and Word Count | Hadoop Distributed File System

Hadoop is an Apache open source framework written in Java that allows distributed processing of large datasets across clusters of computers using simple programming models. A Hadoop frame-worked application works in an environment that provides distributed storage and computation across clusters of computers. Hadoop is designed to scale up from a single server to thousands of machines, each offering local computation and storage. Hadoop Architecture...

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Cloud and Fog computing

Fog computing vs Cloud computing

Cloud Computing, is defined as a group of computers and servers connected together over the Internet to form a network. Today, as many enterprises and large organizations are beginning to adopt the Internet of Things, the need for large amounts of data to be accessed more quickly, and locally, is ever-growing. This is where the concept of “Fog Computing” comes to play. Fog Computing, or “fogging”, is...

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International Journal of Engineering Inventions (IJEI) 

International Journal of Engineering Inventions (IJEI) Call For Paper (October 2017) International Journal of Engineering Inventions (IJEI) is peer reviewed International Journal. IJEI publish original research articles, review articles and technical notes. IJEI offers worldwide indexing to all published papers with IJEI. The peer-reviewed International Journal of Engineering Inventions (IJEI) is started with a mission to encourage contribution to research in Science and Technology. Encourage and motivate researchers in challenging areas of Sciences and Technology.

Text Mining

Text Mining

What is Text Mining? Use of computational techniques to extract high-quality information from text Extract and discover knowledge hidden in text automatically KDD definition: “discovery by computer of new previously unknown information, by automatically extracting information from a usually large amount of different unstructured textual resources” Text Mining Categories Document Categorization (Supervised Learning) Document Clustering/Organization (Unsupervised Learning) Summarization (keywords, indices, etc) Visualization (word cloud, maps)...

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Call for paper : IJET

Submit Your Article to Call for paper October 2017        IJET- International Journal of Engineering and Techniques invited all areas of Science, Engineering and Technology , Previously Published Papers in Conferences, Scholarly Journal , Original Research Papers, Survey Papers, Case Studies and Academic or Scholarly Articles are cordially invited to submit papers for the upcoming Edition October – 2017 Click here to download the Copyrights Form and Paper Template ...

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