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Eucalyptus Architecture Diagram
in Cloud Computing

Eucalyptus Cloud Computing Architecture

Eucalyptus is an open source software platform for implementing Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) in a private or hybrid cloud computing environment. Eucalyptus cloud computing architecture is highly scalable because of its distributed nature. The Cloud level of the computing architecture is comprised of only two components and while used by many users, the transactions at each component are typically small. The Node level may have many...

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11 Oct 2017
Data Mining KDD Process
in Data Mining, Weka

Data Mining

In the field of Information technology, we have a huge amount of data available that need to be turned into useful information. Major sources of abundant data Business: Web, e-commerce, transactions, stocks,… Science: Remote sensing, bioinformatics, scientific simulation, … Society and everyone: news, digital cameras, YouTube We are data rich, but information poor Data mining Data Mining is defined as extracting the information from the...

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10 Oct 2017
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