Exploring the Latest Research Trends in Optical Networks

Exploring the Latest Research Trends in Optical Networks

Are you a doctorate scholar, looking for a research topic for your dissertation? If yes, you should choose the latest research topics in optical networks for your MTech. and PhD dissertation. You can explore many research topics in this sector with the advent of 5G technology. We have a team of optical network experts at E2Matrix to solve the queries of researchers related to their projects.

But first of all, we should understand what an optical network is. The optical network is the backbone of modern communication systems. Nowadays, we are getting high-speed data transmission along with uploading and downloading vast amounts of data within a short time. Is this only the area of the optical network? No. Therefore, much research is being done to discover more efficiency and flexibility in optical networks. You can discover new techniques in the communication system by choosing a PhD research topic in optical networks. 

Scope of PhD in Optical Network

You can get creative and novel research ideas based on future technologies in optical networks. In this blog, we have suggested research fields along with a few latest research topics in optical networks. But this is also not devoid of challenges. You can face some issues when researching in optical networks such as fault detection and control in the optical layer and restricted wavelength algorithms in optical layer.

Software Defined Optical Networks

Out of many research fields in optical networks, the software-defined optical network is in high demand. This has changed the whole scenario of a communication system by decoupling the control panel from the data panel. The PhD research in optical networks focuses on creating SDN-based architectures, algorithms, and protocols.

Elastic Optical Networks

Elastic optical networks (EON) have been designed to fulfil the bandwidth requirements. These optical networks are flexible and adaptive. If you choose this for your PhD dissertation, you can research it with other emerging technologies such as space-division multiplexing and multicolour fibers. Consequently, you will offer communication systems more techniques to make optical networks more flexible and efficient.

Photonic Integrated Circuits

Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs) can be your preferred pick for the latest research topic for PhD in optical networks. Multiple photonic components such as lasers, detectors, waveguides, and modulators are combined with the single chip in the PICs. These are power-efficient, cost-effective, and compact optical networks. If you choose this as your research subject, you will be able to explore new techniques like wavelength division multiplexing, on-chip signal processing, and integrated quantum photonic circuits to enhance its performance.

Space Division Multiplexing

The optical network researchers felt the need to replace the traditional optical network system called wavelength division multiplexing with a modern optical network system i.e. space division multiplexing. The efficiency and usage of wavelength division multiplexing are limited. On the contrary, space division multiplexing is equipped with high data transmission capacity. Multiple data streams are transmitted through this technique. If you research space division multiplexing, then, your research will focus on creating more effective space division multiplexing, and advanced signal processing algorithms. In this way, this technique will achieve a higher capacity along with an energy-efficient optical network system.

Optical Network Security

Each technology is prone to fraudulent threats. Likewise, optical network technology can be subject to data stealing. Consequently, security is the primary concern to safeguard optical networks against vulnerabilities and cyberattacks. You can choose optical network security for your PhD research topic. This is an ideal topic that focuses on exploring more advanced techniques to develop encryption messages, intrusion detection systems, and quantum key distribution protocols. In this way, you will provide the users with the latest techniques that can identify, prevent, and mitigate security threats faster than before.


Hope that you have understood what an optical network is and what its significance is. Researchers are researching it because they are seeing many opportunities to make the modern communication system more efficient and flexible. Therefore, we have identified research fields i.e. software-defined optical networks, space division multiplexing, optical network security, photonic integrated circuits, and elastic optical networks to advance the future of the present communication system. Hence, choose one of the latest research topics for the PhD in optical networks based on these research fields and discover what is still a mystery in the optical network.

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