M.Tech & PhD Thesis Help in Video Processing | Research Guidance

M.Tech & PhD Thesis Help in Video Processing | Research Guidance

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Video Processing

Video processing is a subset of Image processing. A video stream is composed of images, but one can take advantage of the correlation among these images to improve processing. The most trivial form of video processing is to apply image processing methods in a video to each frame, remembering that a video consists of a sequence of images (frames). Improvements can result from using the relationship between frames, adding temporal data, allowing temporal signal elements such as temporal noise, camera movement, object movement & behavior, tracking objects, interaction, camera interaction. Video Processing Video processing covers most methods of image processing but also includes methods that exploit the temporal nature of video data. Image Analysis The aim here is to analyze the image in order to find objects of interest first and then to extract some parameters of these objects. For instance, finding the position and size of an object.

Offer the new area of interest for the productive advancement of your research career. We have almost finished lots of projects in video processing that make us very experienced experts in this area. Due to its wide range of uses, research scholars and students focus on video processing applications. We provide assistance through more than 120 branches from around the world to our research scholars and students. Our experts are based on new technologies and algorithms that can be applied to develop the applications for video processing.

Basic Video Processing:

  • Convert back to complete video
  • Conversion of videos into frames
  • Conversion of videos into shots
  • Enhancement process using various algorithms and video filters
  • Video sources from YouTube, Vikki etc.
  • Processing based on background and foreground subtraction process
  • Video dataset collection (2D or 3D)
  • Pixel processing on video keyframes
  • Post-processing (Reconstructed video sequence for enhancing)
  • Deinterlacing, restoration, superresolution, noise reduction and video sampling structure conversion
  • Compression (frame-based and object-based methods)

Video Processing Toolbox Support:

  • Feature extraction and detection process
  • Object tracking and motion estimation
  • Multi-view geometry support
  • Analyze video with methods such as optical flow, edge detection, template matching, blob analysis and corner detection
  • Acquire video from imaging hardware
  • Display video with text and graphics overlays
  • Camera calibration and Stereo vision
  • Use graphical tools to manipulate and visualize videos
  • Support for recognition, detection, background estimation and bag of features
  • 3D point cloud processing and support for OCR language, OpenCV interface and C code generation.
  • Enhancement and analysis using techniques like noise removal, contrast enhancement and Hough transform etc.

Video Processing Tools:

  • MP4Box
  • FFMpeg
  • OpenCV
  • MPlayer
  • BFPTool
  • AutoESL
  • AI tool
  • VCAPG2
  • Video adaptor device setup for MATLAB
  • Simple video camera frame grabber toolkit
  • AviSynth
  • MKVToolnix

Video Processing Algorithms and Techniques:

  • Wakin algorithm, genetic algorithm
  • Real-time autofocus algorithm
  • Shadowgraph techniques
  • Fall detection algorithm
  • The enhanced dynamic pattern search algorithm
  • Optical remote sensing techniques
  • Hybrid speck deflate algorithm
  • Ant colony optimization techniques
  • GMM algorithm
  • Video retrieval: Retrieval algorithms, Feature extraction algorithms, Key frame selection algorithms
  • Video surveillance system: Detection and motion estimation algorithms
  • Video compression: Huffman coding DCT, Fuzzy C-means with vector quantization
  • Video steganography: Least significant bit +3, Bit exchange method, Hash based least significant bit technique
  • Background subtraction: Mixture of Gaussians, Multi-SVM, Running Gaussian average, Eigen backgrounds and kernel density estimation
  • DWT-DCT based watermarking algorithm using Arnold transform technique

Major Video Processing Applications:

  • Video stabilization
  • Video coding in a grid environment
  • Audio-video capturing for robotic control
  • The intelligent traffic monitoring system
  • Compressive video sensing
  • Semantic annotation (complex video street views)
  • Moving object tracking
  • Adaptive video concealment for neural networks
  • Video sequence for moving object Classification
  • Video watermarking
  • Foreground object detection (Indoor video sequence)
  • Three-step search block matching motion estimation
  • Real-time ball detection (Robot Soccer Field)
  • Efficient anomaly detection system
  • Energy-efficient offloading in mobile cloud
  • Video authentication
  • Collaborative multi-bitrate video caching
  • Improving face detection in blurred videos
  • Bird monitoring (smartphone (ios) application)
  • Distributed compressed video sensing

M.Tech Thesis Help in Video Processing

Video Processing is today’s growing technology. That’s why lots of students prefer digital Video Processing as their thesis topics or doing masters research work. If your interest is in Video Processing and you want M.Tech Thesis Help in Video Processing using MATLAB. The best way to learn Video Processing is to do your final year thesis in Video Processing using MATLAB. But you need proper guidance for doing the project. So, we are here with our M.Tech Thesis Help service. You just call us at +91-904122727and talk to our expert regarding your thesis work. Under our M.Tech Thesis Help service, we help our students in coding and provide training to our students. We guide our students step by step in project development. We guide our students in code implementation and execution. We always choose the best and easy way for tech programming to our students. We also provide readymade M.Tech Thesis Help service for students.

PhD Thesis Help in Video Processing

There many other programming languages used to doing Video Processing but MATLAB is the most popular tool used for Video Processing. If you want to do your PhD Thesis Help in Video Processing you can contact us. We are always available for your help. We guide you in PhD Thesis Help and also teach you video processing programming using MATLAB. So, don’t wait and contact us.

Video Processing is the very popular and trending Research field in M.Tech and PhD Domain. Most of the students are doing research in Video Processing. There are many Video Processing topics are available for Watermarking, Data security, etc.  The selection of the right domain is very important. Thesis Help service can help you to choose the best topic in this field. E2MATRIX is the best institute for PhD Thesis Help. To take the thesis help in the Latest Digital video processing thesis, E2MATRIX is the right place for you. Here we will provide you complete help from the selection of the topic up to till the completion of the work including the paper selection, research proposal, Implementation, Report, Research papers writing. We will provide you step by step guidance for each and every step of research work in DIP Thesis Help. Proper Classes for the understanding of work is provided here. We have experts in many research areas. Just contact us on either on phone call at +91-9041262727 or just drop your query at “support@e2matrix.com”.


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