Trending Thesis Topics in Cloud Computing for M.Tech and PhD

Trending Thesis Topics in Cloud Computing for M.Tech and PhD

Cloud computing thesis topics are very popular and trending thesis topics nowadays in the computer science branch for doing thesis work for and PhD. Most of the students of Phd and M.Tech prefer to do their academic thesis or research in Cloud Computing. There are lots of cloud computing thesis topics are available for thesis.  The selection of the right topic is very important.  Our experts provide you all the latest hot topics available in cloud computing for Thesis and PhD thesis work and help you in your thesis work. We provide complete Cloud Computing Thesis Help and Project Guidance for M.Tech/PhD scholars. We offer Cloud Computing Thesis Help service. Students from all over India and Punjab have been using our services frequently. The best part of our Cloud Computing Thesis Help services is that, in addition to being affordable. If you are looking for professional Cloud Computing Thesis Help or Project Guidance, IEEE Journals Publications help then, of course, you are at the right place. E2Matrix is the place where these worries can be put to rest. The organization boasts of a team of experts who offer tips on the various dimensions of thesis writing.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is defined as a model that lets in handy, ubiquitous get right of entry to the shared pool of configurable computing assets that may be unexpectedly provisioned and released with minimum control effort or provider interaction. The term “Cloud Computing” basically refers to Internet computing considered the collection of clouds that act as the large pool, inside which there are several accessible and virtualized resources, these resources include hardware, development platforms, and storage platforms services. It is used by many organizations in various fields because of various features such as high availability, low cost, on-demand services. Cloud Computing is mainly divided into 3-layer architecture, for the software which necessitates services over the Internet on demand. This also called Service models of cloud computing to provide the various models in terms of services to their consumers. We have three types of service models in cloud computing that are explained below:

  1. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): This IaaS layer conveys components of hardware (such as storage and server) and also software which serves as services.
  2. Platform as a Service (PaaS): The persons who develop the application of cloud are the main ones who use this layer. Load balancing, integration with distinctive services (like email services) and automatic scaling are the key advantages to developer of the cloud application.
  3. Software as a Service (SaaS): The SaaS software is hosted by this layer gives to the customer by means of Internet. It lessens the maintenance cost and purchase of the customer.

Cloud Computing Deployment model in cloud computing defines the various types of clouds available in the cloud environment. Let’s explain all these in detail with their specifications

  1. Private Cloud — The cloud that is accessible only from the inside of any organization It means this can be 0accessed by the authorized person who has the access to use it only within the limited area or inside the organization.
  2. Public Cloud — As the name suggests it’s meaning itself i.e. the cloud that is available for all. This can be accessed from anywhere at any time by anyone. Like we have Google Drive we can store and retrieve the data from anywhere at any time free of cost.
  3. Community Cloud — This type of cloud is made for those organizations that have similar requirements. This cloud is shared by the number of organizations it will reduce their cost as compared to the Private Cloud but high cost than public cloud.
  4. Hybrid Cloud — The cloud is combination of the private and public clouds. It can have no. of public and private clouds. Data of one cloud can be accessed by the other cloud.

Latest Hot Topics in Cloud Computing

There are lots of latest hot topics are available in cloud computing for a M.Tech thesis or research work. If you are from a computer science background, you surely familiar with cloud computing technology. Cloud Computing Thesis Topics are preferred by computer science students for doing their thesis or research work into this technology.

Current Research Topics in Cloud Computing

Cloud Data Security

Job Scheduling

Load Balancing

Fault Tolerance

Energy-Aware Job Scheduling

The thesis is the most important for all students to do complete their thesis successfully. To get your final degree certificate you need to complete your academic thesis on time with good marks. If you are from the computer science field and your interest is in cloud computing. You can do your thesis on cloud computing. Lots of trending and latest cloud computing thesis topics are available in cloud computing. But at the time of topic selection, some students get confused. They don’t know which topic is good for a thesis. So, don’t wait just call us at +91 9041262727. We will provide you the best thesis topics for your thesis work. We will provide you complete help along with the latest cloud computing thesis topics list for your thesis. Cloud Computing list is created by our developers. All the topics are the latest and best for M.Tech and PhD thesis work. We also provide implementation help to students at affordable cost, which every student can easily pay in 2 or 3 installments.

Here is the list of trending Thesis Topics in Cloud Computing

  1. Task Scheduling Algorithm in Cloud Computing Environment Based on Cloud Pricing Models
  2. Performance Analysis of Bio-Inspired Scheduling Algorithms for Cloud Environments
  3. Heuristic Task Scheduling with Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm for Virtual Machines
  4. Priority Aware Longest Job First Algorithm for utilization of the resource in the cloud environment.
  5. Task scheduling in cloud computing
  6. Round Robin Selection of the data center simulation technique Cloudsim and cloud analyst architecture and making it efficient by using load balancing technique
  7. Enhanced Dynamic Load Balancing Algorithm for Resource Provisioning in Cloud
  8. A Performed Load Balancing Algorithm for Public Cloud Computing Using Ant Colony Optimization
  9. Load Balancing in Cloud Data Center Using Modified Active Monitoring Load Balancer
  10. A framework for Data Security and Storage in Cloud Computing
  11. Secure Data Transference Architecture for Cloud Computing using Cryptography Algorithms
  12. A secure cryptographic cloud communication using DNA cryptographic technique
  13. A Novel Data Logging Framework to Enhance Security of Cloud Computing
  14. Enhanced Cloud Security Framework to Confirm Data Security on Asymmetric and Symmetric Key Encryption
  15. A preemptive priority-based job scheduling algorithm in Green Cloud computing
  16. A Comparative Study on Performance of Energy Efficient Load Balancing Techniques in Cloud

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