How to Write and Publish Your Scientific Research Paper in SCI Journal

How to Write and Publish Your Scientific Research Paper in SCI Journal

Writing a research paper is not a cup of tea for everyone. Because you need more experience and knowledge about your research work. Every university has their own different paper writing format and you have to follow that format properly. If you do not follow that for, your research paper will get rejected by journal or it will take a long time for review. If you staring at the blank page on your screen and have no idea How to Write Your Scientific Research Paper? Research papers are complex and time-consuming assignments and what is really important they make up a large part of student’s grade in all classes. It’s not a secret that academic writing is hard but written communication skills are essential for your success in college, graduate school, and in your future career. That’s why you should work hard to master the art of paper writing. If you are facing difficulty and not sure about your research work, don’t know how to Write Your Scientific Research Paper read the following steps. It will help you about How to Publish Your Research Paper, this strategy will make this process as painless as possible. You have to follow the proper steps so that your paper will be the best research paper and get easily accepted by SCI- Scientific Journal.

Step 1. Choose a Topic for Research Paper

Choosing a topic for research paper writing is the 1st important steps. Sometimes college or guide assign topic for research work, but if you get the option to choose your research topic by yourself. First of all, selecting any challenging topic, think about your interest. In which topic you are interested. Then you won’t be bored when doing the research paper because you are sure to discover something new and you will enjoy your research paper writing process. Don’t select that topic in which you are not interested or too general because these types of topics are direct effects on your research paper quality.

Step 2. Writing a Thesis or Research Statement

In order to be capable of writing a thesis statement, you’re alleged to grasp the thesis statement definition. it’s sometimes a locality of the intro, when a brief presentation of your subject, you categorical your perspective on the purpose foursquare and frequently in one sentence. This sentence is that the thesis statement, and it fills in as an overview of the competition you may build in no matter is left of your writing.

However, before we found out how to create a thesis statement, we will mention some functions it has. 

Step 3. Doing research on Selected Topic to title

To write your thesis statement you need to do research on your topic. You should find primary and secondary sources on the subject of your paper, carefully read all of the searched papers and find the relevant info or data that will help you to write your thesis statement. At the step, you should find the best sources, take notes and start your documentation according to citation style recommended by your guide. Make sure all references sources are the latest edition.

Start Documentation for Research Paper Writing

  1. Introduction

The introduction can state your central research question and provides background on the topic, additionally as relating it contextually to any broader problems close it. Read more ultimate dissertation writing guidance.

  1. Methodology

The research methodology can break down what sources you aim to use for your analysis, and what style of information you may collect from it- either quantitative or qualitative. you will additionally wish to incorporate however you may analyze the info you gather and what if any bias there is also in your chosen ways. reckoning on the amount of detail that your specific course needs, you will additionally wish to clarify why your chosen approaches to gathering information square measure additional applicable to your analysis than others.

  1. Aims and Objectives

Your research proposal ought to additionally embody the aims and objectives of your analysis. make certain to state what your analysis hopes to attain, and what outcomes you expect. you will additionally get to clearly state what your main analysis objectives square measure, in alternative words, however, you propose to get those achievements and outcomes.

  1. Literature Review

The literature review can list the books and materials that you simply accustomed do your analysis. this can be wherever you’ll list materials that offer you additional background on your topic, or contain analysis disbursed antecedent that you simply ask in your own studies. It’s additionally a decent place to demonstrate however your analysis connects to previous tutorial studies, and the way your ways could take issue from or be building upon those employed by alternative researchers. whereas it’s vital to relinquish enough info regarding the materials to indicate that you simply have scanned and understood them, don’t forget to incorporate your analysis of their price to your work.

5. Constraints of your analysis

Lastly, you may additionally get to embody the constraints of your analysis. several topics can have broad links to varied larger and additional advanced problems, thus by clearly stating the constraints of your analysis, you’re displaying your understanding and acknowledgment of those larger problems, and also the role they play by focusing your analysis on only 1 section or a part of the topic.

Steps to Publish Your Scientific Research Paper in SCI Journal

Choose an appropriate journal: You need to choose the best journal to publish your research paper. Selecting the best journal can save much effort and reveal your results to the world sooner.

Submit a high-quality paper: Always submit a high-quality research paper to the journal. Because of eyes of readers, editors and reviewers always on your submitted paper. So, the low-quality paper directly reflects on your paper.

Help ensure that the review process goes smoothly: Journals can be run by the professional editorial staff or by academics who take on the role of editor for a defined period of time. Both types of editors send papers out to peer reviewers–working scientists who evaluate your paper for accuracy, logic, and scientific interest.

Respond to reviewers’ comments positively and constructively: Remember that the editor and reviewers are interested in your paper. They want to see it improved and published. You increase the chances of your paper being accepted if you make the assumption that the reviewers are offering their suggestions as constructive criticism.

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