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wsn thesis topics
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Latest IEEE 2016-2017 Wireless Sensor Network WSN Thesis Topics RESEARCH PAPERS LIST

  1. REHDIS: Refined Hamming Distance Technique to Minimize Data Transfer Delay in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks, Manet, 2017, IEEE
  2. Performance Analysis of Power -aware Node-disjoint Multipath Source Routing in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks, Manet, 2017, IEEE
  3. Mobility and Energy Aware Routing Algorithm for Mobile Ad-hoc Networks, Manet, 2017, IEEE
  4. Learning Automata based Optimized Multipath routing using Leapfrog Algorithm for VANETs, Vanet, 2017, IEEE
  5. Selective epidemic broadcast algorithm to suppress broadcast storm invehicular ad hoc networks, Vanet, 2017, IEEE
  6. Research and Simulation of Queue Management Algorithms in Ad Hoc Networks under DDoS Attack, 2017,IEEE.
  7. Cooperative communication enabled wireless sensor network for monitoring green house, 2017, IEEE.
  8. Bandwidth Scheduling for Energy Efficiency in High-performance Networks, 2017, IEEE.
  9. O-MAC: Opportunistic MAC Protocol for M2M Communication in WiFi White Spaces, 2017, IEEE.

10 .Universal and Dynamic Clustering Scheme for Energy Constrained Cooperative Wireless Sensor Networks, 2017, IEEE

11.Based Energy Balance Steerable Arguments Coverage Method in WSNs, 2017, IEEE.

12.Game-Based Approach for QoS Provisioning and Interference Management in Heterogeneous Networks, 2017, IEEE.

13.Multi-Constrained QoS Routing based on PSO for Named Data Networking, 2017, IET Communications.

14.Communication system designand simulation for future micro grid in ns2, 2016,IEEE.

15.A Collaborative DDoS Defense Framework using Network Function Virtualization, IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security, 2017, IEEE

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Latest IEEE 2016-2017 Wireless Sensor NETWORKING WSN thesis topics RESEARCH PAPERS LIST which is provides by our experts. These WSN thesis topics are latest topics at which our experts offers of full supports and help in their implementation.

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