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Simulink, developed by maths Works, could be a graphical programming atmosphere for modelling, simulating and analysing multidomain dynamic systems. Its primary interface could be a graphical block  diagram tool and a customize  set of block libraries. It offers tight integration with the remainder of the MATLAB atmosphere and might either drive MATLAB or be scripted from it. Simulink is wide employed in automatic management and digital signal process for multi domain simulation and Model-Based style.

1.A Review on Current Reference Calculation of Three-Phase Grid-Connected PV Converters under Grid Faults

2.Six-Leg Single-Phase to Three-Phase Converter

3. Power Output Comparison of Three Phase Passive Converter Circuits for Wind Driven Generators

4. A High Step-Down Isolated Three-Phase ACDC Converter

5. Efficiency-THD ratio in three-phase cascaded multilevel power converters of single DC source

6. Analysis and control of improved power quality single-phase split voltage cascaded converter feeding three-phase OEIM drive

7. A New Three-Phase AC–DC–AC Multilevel Converter Based on Cascaded Three-Leg Converters

8. Shunt Active Power Filter Based on Cascaded Transformers Coupled with Three-Phase Bridge Converters

9. Fault-Tolerant Operation of Three-Phase Cascaded H-Br idge Conver t ers Using an Auxiliar y Module

10. Voltage THD Reduction for Dual-Inver ter Fed Open-End Load With Isolated DC Sources

11. Model Predictive Control of Dual-Mode Operations Z-Source Inverter: Islanded and Grid-Connected

12. A Unified Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation for Dual Two-level Inverter System

13. DC Capacitor Voltage Balancing Control for Delta-Connected Cascaded H-Bridge STATCOM Considering Unbalanced Grid and Load Conditions

14. A Simplified Branch and Bound Approach for Model Predictive Control of Multilevel Cascaded H-Bridge STATCOM

15. Clustered Voltage Balancing Mechanism and its Control Strategy for Star-Connected Cascaded H-Bridge STATCOM

16. A DC Bus Voltage Balancing Technique for t he Cascaded H-Bridge STATCOM With Improved Reliability Under Grid Faults

17. Hybrid Communication Topology and Protocol f or Distributed – Controlled Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel STATCOM

18. Impact of Switching Harmonics on Capacitor Cells Balancing in Phase-Shifted PWM-Based Cascaded H-Bridge STATCOM

19. A Decentralized Control Strategy for Photovoltaic Sources to Unify MPPT and DC-bus Voltage Regulation

20. Adaptive Sliding Mode Control of Standalone Single-Phase Microgrid Using Hydro, Wind and Solar PV Array Based Generation

21. Passive islanding detection using inverter nonlinear effects
22. Variable-speed wind energy conversion system based on a dual stator-winding induction generator
23. Voltage Flicker Mitigation Employing Smart Loads With High Penetration of Renewable Energy in Distribution Systems
24. Active and Reactive Power Control of a DFIG For Variable Speed Wind Energy Conversion
25. Experimental Design of Stand-alone Field Oriented Control for WECS in Variable Speed DFIG-based on Hysteresis Current Controller
26. Grid-Interfaced DFIG-Based Variable Speed Wind Energy Conversion System With Power Smoothening
27. Power-Flow Control and Short-Circuit Current Limitation of Wind Farms Using Unified Interphase Power Controller
28. Power Quality Conditioning in LV Distribution Networks: Results by Field Demonstration
29. Design and implementation of a novel five-level inverter topology
30. A Three-Phase Hybrid Cascaded Modular Multilevel Inverter for Renewable Energy Environment

31. Topology and Capacitor Voltage Balancing Control of a Symmetrical Hybrid Nine-Level Inverter for High Speed Motor Drives
32. Modeling and Experimental Validation of a Bidirectional DC/DC Buck Power Electronic Converter–DC Motor System
33. A new Three Input DC/DC Converter for Hybrid PV/FC/Battery Applications
34. Finite Set MPC Control of Two Level Inverter for PV/Battery Grid Connected System
35. Bidirectional High Voltage Conversion Ratio DC/DC Converter with Full ZVS Range
36. Analysis and Performance Comparison ofDC-DC Power Converters Used in Photovoltaic Systems
37. Single Discharge Control for Single-Inductor Multiple-Output DC-DC Buck Converters
38. DC Motor Speed Control through Parallel DC/DC Buck Converters
39. Series Z-source and nine-switch dual-output inverter stage two-stage matrix converter
40. Smart Integration of Distributed Energy Resources in Microgrids
41. Three-Phase Transformerless Shunt Active Power Filter with Reduced Switch Count for Harmonic Compensation in Grid-Connected Applications
42. Shunt active power filter application to reduce the harmonics of current with photovoltaic generation grid-tied
43. Five-Level (NPC) Shunt Active Power Filter Performances Evaluation using Fuzzy Control Scheme for Harmonic Currents Compensation
44. Adaptive Thyristor-Controlled LC-Hybrid Active Power Filter for Reactive Power and Current Harmonics Compensation With Switching Loss Reduction
45. Specific order harmonics compensation algorithm and digital implementation for multi-level active power filter

46. A Modified One-Cycle-Control-Based Active Power Filter for Harmonic Compensation
47. An Adaptive Carrier Frequency Optimization Method for Harmonic Energy Unbalance Minimization in a Cascaded H-bridge-based Active Power Filter
48. Harmonic Adaptability Remote Testing Based on SAPF for Offshore Wind Turbines
49. MOPSO-based optimal control of shunt active power filter using a variable structure fuzzy logic sliding mode controller for hybrid (FCPV-Wind-Battery) energy utilisation scheme
50. A Hybrid Control Strategy for Stable Operation of Converter-Based DG Resources in Distribution Grids with Shunt Active Power Filter Capability
51. Research on the Control Strategy of Three-Level Active Power Filter with Single H-Bridge


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