Why do M.Tech?

You must have wondered a lot of time what you are going to do after getting your B.Tech degree- take up a Job for earning money or go for Higher Studies to better your career prospects. Different people will give you different opinions and you will be confused. Forget everything and just ask yourself- “Which option will give me more satisfaction and success in the long run”.


Educational qualifications play a very important role in one’s life in gaining success. Of course, technical skills matter a lot, but a candidate with higher academic qualification will be given preference.

While pursuing a higher degree, you will be exposed to the applications of engineering in day-to-day life a little more. You will be getting more insight into the subjects as you are already familiar with these topics learnt at the bachelor level.


This degree will also land you in a far more well-paid job getting which is quite hard on the basis of your B.Tech degree. Whether it is private company or government organization, candidate with a higher degree is considered more competent for the job.


Opportunities after completing M.Tech

If you have decided to opt for a master degree, then you should also be aware of the opportunities you will be getting after completing it.

  • Secure a reputed job:

If you want to do a highly respectable and highly paid job, where you have more control in the decision making process, then having a masters degree will make you enough competent when it comes to your job. For getting job in well-known companies like Microsoft or Google, one has to be highly skilful and expert to be able to compete with the top students. Having a bachelor degree and experience in smaller companies will take so many years in securing an authoritative position in a big company. After doing masters in engineering, your chances of getting higher positions in a short time are increased in India as well as abroad.

  • Getting engaged in Research domain:

You can go for Ph.D and attain the highest level of academic experience. Ph.D done after M.Tech will make you capable enough to guide others in performing world-class research. The research will include study of technical literature, prototyping ideas, writing papers and mentoring junior students. While doing research, you can even help your professor in formalizing future research directions.




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