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Cloud Reports cloud Iaas simulation tool

CloudReports a cloud IaaS Simulation Tool (Setup in Netbeans)

Step 1  Download cloud reports project from the below mentioned link https://sourceforge.net/projects/cloudreportnetbeans/?source=typ_redirect Goto File –> new project –> java application—> CloudReports copy all the “src/main” folder from the zip file to NetBeans project java application  “src” Folder.   Step 2: go to lib folder in NetBeans right click “add jar ” browse all jar provided to you in “cloudreports/bin/dist/lib” in zip file  and then add cloudreport.jar provided in...

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Cloud analyst setup

Cloud Analyst setup in Netbeans

Step1 Download Cloud Analyst Netbeans project from the below mentioned link http://www.cloudbus.org/cloudsim/ To run the cloud analyst got to NetBeans  File->open project –> browse the unzipped folder   Step2 Browse the unzipped folder that you have downloaded.   Step3 Open source package folder inside which open cloudsim.ext.gui right click on the gui.main.java and click run    

Cloud Computing Tools

Various Cloud Simulation tools available in Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a new and emerging technology where the computer hardware and software that we use on our desktop is shared over the internet and we could access such computing facilities typically by purchasing it as a service from another company. This sharing of computing is being made possible with the extensive use virtualization technologies and distributed computing. The Cloud computing providers offer their...

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