Wifi Network Simulation Projects for M.tech and PhD

Wifi Network Simulation Projects for M.tech and PhD

Nowadays students who are pursuing their M.tech and Ph.D. degrees worry about what is Wifi Network simulation?

In the field of computer networks, Wifi Network simulation is the most common evaluation technique. Wifi simulation is a vital component of the research for any system that is expensive to create and has limited flexibility. It’s often used to create novel communication architectures and network protocols.

To conduct a simulation, there are four essential steps.

These are (1) developing a model (for example, for protocol implementation) and

(2) creating a simulation scenario (e.g. designing a network topology and traffic scenario.)

(3) Selecting and collecting statistics, and

(4) visualizing and analyzing simulation outcomes, all of which can be done after the simulation has been completed.

Wifi network simulation projects have exploded in popularity in recent years, becoming one of the telecoms industry’s fastest expanding divisions. Wireless network simulation is critical at all stages of their development, including design, operation, and testing. The design, protocol, device, topology, and other aspects of a wireless network’s performance are all predicted via simulation. It is a cost-effective and adaptable method for evaluating the performance of wireless networks.

The popularity of Wifi network simulation projects is so high that in the next few years, the number of wireless customers will surpass that of wired (fixed) users worldwide. The so-called 3A paradigm: communication anywhere, anytime, and with anybody, is one of the many benefits of wireless technology. Individuals and businesses have come to rely on these systems, which have grown in complexity as a result of the numerous features and facilities they may provide. It is critical to be able to forecast the performance of wireless networks and systems at all stages of their life, including creation, design, testing, and operation, due to their complexity and extensive uses. Modeling and simulation are powerful methods for assessing wireless system performance.

Why Wireless Network Simulation Projects?

  1. Projects that simulate Wifi networks are all processes and individual nodes in a network that may be controlled remotely, making it simple to set up and use. Communication between different network parts and mobile phones is simple to establish. Scripts and user profiles can be added in a limitless number of ways.
  2. High-quality and efficient performance
  3. Scalable: To gain higher performance; simply scale up with a larger number of systems.
  4. Programmable and scriptable: Supports a wide range of protocols while operating inside a common architecture framework.

Latest wifi Network Simulation Projects list for M.tech

Students face trouble in searching current wifi simulation projects and they don’t know how to start and get through a project. For that, we at e2matrix provide complete guidance; our teams will assist you properly as our developers have great experience in this research area.

Wireless Network Simulation creates a full-featured “Live Network” at your location in any customized bundle to meet your project’s needs. With simple ready-to-use setups, it may be used to replicate all or specific aspects of wireless network architecture. OUR initiatives provide students and service providers with dependable integrated solutions for simulating, monitoring, and debugging any wireless network, including 4G, 3G, 2G, and the forthcoming 5G. All of the features are up to industry standards. For deployment readiness, functionality, interoperability, performance, and the latest mobile features, test, monitor, and troubleshoot all core network elements and traffic types inside the Wireless infrastructure. The latest list of M.tech wifi network simulation projects aids in the testing of end-user applications, devices, and services in a simulated wireless infrastructure environment prior to deployment on a live network.

Where can we use wifi simulation in m.tech projects?

Networks operate in a variety of domains, including terrestrial outdoor and/or indoor, airborne, undersea, and space (satellites), and occasionally cross many domains. Each of these domains has distinct communication features that must be reflected in the model in order for it to generate actionable results. Figure 2 shows another example of wireless communications, highlighting the primary elements that influence wireless signal transmissions between a transmitter and a receiver in an urban setting. The following are some of the most common scenarios in which the Latest wifi network simulation projects list for M.tech are utilized today:

  • IEEE 802 standards: Wi-Fi protocol family
  • Military waveforms
  • GSM, UMTS, LTE, 5G cellular technologies
  • Underwater acoustic and optical networks
  • Sensor networks
  • Antennas: steerable and patterned antennas, MIMO
  • Terrain features: rural environment, urban terrain, and indoor terrain
  • Weather effects
  • Propagation models

This allows users to simulate massive networks with thousands of nodes faster than in real-time, including multi-domain networks and networks using cutting-edge technologies like 5G.

The following is a list of the latest Wifi Network Simulation Projects which are running and most of the students adopt these topics for their M.tech Projects.

  1. Energy Efficient QoS Based Access Point Selection in Hybrid WiFi and LiFi IoT Networks
  2. Maximum network throughput based on cross-technology communication for sensor networks.

  3. Application of wireless sensor network in ship control system

  4. Characterization of WiFi Modules Using an Open-Source Network Simulator

  5. Soft-Mesh: A Robust Routing Architecture for Hybrid SDN and Wireless Mesh Networks

  6. End-to-End Behavior Simulation for Multi-Access Edge Computing

  7. Forecasting Quality of Service for Next-Generation Data-Driven WiFi6 Campus Networks

  8. On the Effects of Transmit Power Control on Multi-Carrier LAA-WiFi Coexistence

  9. WiFED Mobile: WiFi Friendly Energy Delivery With Mobile Distributed Beamforming

  10. Genetic Algorithm for LTE and WiFi Networks in 5G Heterogeneous Environment

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Latest Wifi Network Simulation Projects list for PhD

Wireless network simulation is a quick and low-cost approach to see how a network will perform under various operational situations. For analysts and planners to get the most out of the simulation, the outputs must accurately reflect the behavior of the physical network. This precision is directly proportional to the model’s fidelity, or how well it captures the network’s and operational environment’s features. There are three processes for a proper deployment to ensure its operation and performance, according to the list of latest wifi network simulation projects for PHD: Pre-Deployment (wifi planning), Post-Deployment (Site survey), and Validation and fine-tuning (Wifi quality).

When installing WiFi, the challenge is determining the position of the access points as well as how many are required to cover the entire area with a degree of coverage and efficiency that assures the deployment of wireless infrastructure is successful. The latest wifi network simulation projects list for M.tech streamlines and simplify the planning and deployment process for installers so they can focus on properly deploying and evaluating the network.

Where can we use wifi simulation in Ph.D. projects?

  • Telecommunications, aerospace, transportation, defense, satellite communications, emergency services, and mission-critical communications are just a few of the industries that are involved in mission-critical communications.
  • Over-simulated wireless networks, test and evaluate web services and mobile applications.
  • With complete logging and analysis capabilities, you can pinpoint and troubleshoot network faults.
  • With automatic call flows and data communication across different interfaces, you can keep track of end-to-end connectivity.
  • With various network lab setups, test interoperability difficulties, and handovers.
  • Perform Feature Tests, Conformance Tests, and Functional Tests on individual nodes; single and multi-interface testing are supported.
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Voice and data quality measurements with complete voice and data quality instruments are used in migration testing.

The following is a list of the latest Wifi network simulation projects which are running and most of the students adopt these topics for their Ph.D. projects:

  1. An Adaptive Handover Scheme for Hybrid LiFi and WiFi Networks

  2. Will OFDMA Improve the Performance of 802.11 Wifi Networks?

  3. An Energy-Efficient Channel Bonding and Transmit Power Control Approach for WiFi Networks

  4. Learning to Charge RF-Energy Harvesting Devices in WiFi Networks

  5. Joint Deployment and Pricing of Next-Generation WiFi Networks

  6. Traffic management in LTE-WiFi slicing networks

  7. Handoff between WiMAX and WiFi wireless networks

  8. A Novel Unified Signaling Beacon for Traditional and Mesh WiFi Network

  9. An LTE-WiFi Spectrum Aggregation System for 5G Network: A Testbed

  10. WiFi-based Self-Organizing Multi-Hop Sensor Network for Internet of Things

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