PhD Thesis on Cloud Computing

PhD Thesis on Cloud Computing

What is cloud computing?

What is cloud computing so easy to understand? For example, suppose we have built a windmill or wind system in a house to generate the electricity required by the house. The cost of building and maintaining the system is much higher than the cost of obtaining the required power. When purchasing from external sources including the country.

The same idea is the main reason for cloud computing. Big companies like Google are developing a system called cloud computing. They provide high-performance servers, storage, databases, networks and software. If you want to use them, you can use the Internet for very little money. Cloud computing is a term used to describe the advanced computing technologies and applications that we can become.

Anything connected to the Internet can be used for cloud computing, including enterprises and applications. The largest companies integrate and service billions of electronic devices in the largest cloud computing locations. Cloud computing is one of the innovations that have emerged because companies need to reduce operating costs.

With cloud computing, companies can reduce overall costs by running the computing aspects of their business virtually. By focusing on other aspects of the business, transfer the IT aspects of the business to a third party, such as B. Win the game and increase profits. With cloud computing, you can rent software as a service instead of buying it yourself. Installation, maintenance, upgrades and repairs are the responsibility of your cloud provider. It is a fast-growing industry, with a market value of approximately US$16.7 billion in 2013, looking for ways to join this fast-growing industry

The doctoral degree i.e PhD Thesis on Cloud Computing usually lasts for three years, and candidates must complete the course within a maximum of five to six years. However, the duration of the course may vary from college to college. Applicants must have a master’s degree to obtain a doctorate degree. On average, a PhD in Cloud Computing takes up to eight years.

PhD Thesis on Cloud Computing lasts four to six years; however, this time depends on the design of the program, the topic you are researching, and the institution that provides the program. PhD Thesis on Cloud computing refers to an Internet-based computer system used to transfer applications between computers via the Internet.

Cloud computing technology uses servers and software networks. These servers and software networks allow users to download and access data sources remotely and use computer processes in real-time without storing actual data in the cloud.

Tool and Software Used in PhD Thesis on Cloud Computing

  • CloudSim is Jave based software.
  • CloudAnalyst: It is used for large scale internet application analyzing purpose.
  • Hadoop: It is used for Big Data analytics.
  • GroudSim: It is used for Cloud simulation and scalable Grid.
  • OCT: It is used different cloud computing system for the analysis.

Web technology and cloud computing are closely related to informatics, general areas of business and technology, and more specialized areas (such as company computer security or information systems). Currently, technology has become a necessity. It affects all areas of human life in the 21st century. The purpose of the PhD Thesis on the Cloud Computing program is to train a dynamic researcher who can adapt to the changing needs of the computer science field over the years.

Main Purpose of Doing PhD Thesis on Cloud Computing

The main purpose of the program is for well-trained IT professionals to discover new areas of innovation and make them self-sufficient. Research activities cover a wide range of topics in the fields of computer science and engineering, including but not limited to: a more influential technology cloud can reduce costs and increase the competitiveness of IT services used by public and private organizations and opportunities.

This has led to the emergence of new services, but cloud technology can bring positive other benefits to end-users. You don’t need a powerful computer to run cloud applications. Because applications run in the cloud, desktop computers do not require the processing power or hard disk space required by traditional desktop software or even DVD drives. Improved performance.

At the same time, the fewer programs that take up computer memory, the better its performance. Desktop computers using cloud services can start and run faster because there are fewer programs and processes loaded into memory. Reduce software costs.There is no need to purchase software applications, and cloud computing applications are usually provided for free.

An example is Google Docs Consumer Package. Software update immediately. When logging in to a cloud application, updates to the cloud application are usually automatic and available. When accessing a web application, you can usually get the latest version immediately without updating. Improved document format compatibility

Advance latest PhD Thesis topics in cloud Computing

  • Hedonic Pricing of Cloud Computing Services
  • MTFCT: A task offloading approach for fog computing and cloud computing
  • MockFog 2.0: Automated Execution of Fog Application Experiments in the Cloud
  • Research and Development of Data Security Multidimensional Protection System in Cloud Computing Environment
  • Comments on “Secure Data Sharing in Cloud Computing Using Revocable-Storage Identity-Based Encryption”
  • Failure Management for Reliable Cloud Computing: A Taxonomy, Model, and Future Directions
  • Green Computing in Cloud Computing
  • Towards Optimizing Task Scheduling Process in Cloud Environment
  • High-Performance Mining of COVID-19 Open Research Datasets for Text Classification and Insights in Cloud Computing Environments
  • Heterogeneous Task Co-location in Containerized Cloud Computing Environments
  • Mission Swachhta : Mobile application based on Mobile Cloud Computing

In this way, like every PhD course, a PhD Thesis on Cloud Computing also took time. To research in this stream and to get a doctorate degree will definitely take some time. PhD Thesis on cloud computing is a developing stream and also research and new inventions will help the 21st modern technology world to upgrade. It can also be done online. And a PhD Thesis on cloud computing will definitely increase one’s prestige.

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