Latest thesis Research Topics and ideas in 5G

Latest thesis Research Topics and ideas in 5G

5G is the fifth generation technology specifically for cellular broadband networks. It is the successor of 4G Networks. The subscribers of 5G technology will continue to rise worldwide at the end of 2025. The best advantage of 5G networks is as they have high downloading speeds and greater bandwidth. Many networking students opt for their thesis work in 5G. But the thing is conducting implementation work in 5G is really a tiresome task. But don’t worry, E2Matrix has build-up varied projects in 5G

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  • For improving efficiency and speed, 5-G Network is used.
  • The radio concepts like moving networks, Massive MIMO ultra-dense networks, ultra-reliable machine to machine communication etc are supported in 5G.

Network Simulators Deployed for 5G Networks:

  • MATLAB with Simulink
  • Opnet Simulator
  • NS2 and NS3[5G mmwave module support]
  • 5G Channel Model Simulator
  • Omnet++

How does E2Matrix prepare for thesis help?

Step 1:- Discussion With Students about their topic of interest.

Step 2:- Suggest relevant objectives.

Step 3:- Preparation of research proposal

Step 4:- Supervisor Approval

Step 5:- Creation of Algorithm and pseudocode

Step 6:- Research paper creation

Step 7:- Full code with implementation by using 5G Simulation tools.

Step 8:- Report writing

Step 9:- Plagiarism checking as well as proofreading

Step 10:- Formatting and Editing

Step 11:- Review of the report

Step 12:- Internal auditing

Some  latest thesis research topics and ideas in 5G

  • Integrating Big data and also SON to enable 5G Networks.
  • Heterogeneous Spectrum usage also based on Geo-location
  • Multi-user MIMO Communication.
  • Backhaul challenges also in 5G Networks
  • User Mobility for 5G Small cell Network.
  • Privacy protection on 5G Hetnets also based SDN
  • 5G Ultra dense Networks
  • Handover authentication also using SDN
  • MmWave also for 5G Mobile Communication system
  • Energy efficiency gain also in 5G Wireless system
  • Content and also Network context
  • RRM[Radio Resource management] and also light MAC[Medium access control.
  • Spectrum efficiency also for 5G Networks
  • Virtual reality/Augmented reality and also Immersive/tactile Internet
  • Air Interface and also multi-cell joint processing
  • Wireless Cloud also based applications
  • 5G Coverage and also spectrum implications
  • Internet of things
  • Energy integration and also Spectrum harvesting
  • Antennas and also propagation
  • Machine to Machine connectivity

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