MATLAB Training in Vancouver BC | MATLAB Course in Vancouver BC

MATLAB Training in Vancouver BC | MATLAB Course in Vancouver BC

Are looking for best Matlab training provider? Contact us at E2MATRIX Canada, we offer MATLAB Training in Vancouver BC. MATLAB is a high-performance programming language of the fourth generation, used for scientific computing. We offer you an intense and immersive course that will help you understand and gage the scientific computing world of MATLAB in depth. In the Today world MATLAB is one of the most successful programming platforms by which we can easily solve number of complex numerical computations and simulations. Get our hands-on training course with experienced instructors is available in classroom and virtual formats. You’ll master MATLAB with tons of examples and exercises and use it for complex computational processes. We provide training course as according to current industry requirement. Our Matlab training course is supervised and managed by industrial professionals with more than 10 years of experience in Matlab programming and projects. Our training curriculum involves both classroom and realistic sessions to create an optimal atmosphere for students, allowing them to cope with a challenging and dynamic situation as they transition into the reality.

MATLAB Course in Vancouver BC

Matlab can be used for Mathematical equations and simulations.  MATLAB can be executed on open source software Octave and official MATLAB software. Window, Mac and Linux all operating system operate Octave. In the MATLAB Course in Vancouver we offer you full course with basic to higher level. In which you can learn about the particle knowledge algorithm, Simulation and Design validation. You can also learn different Simulation design to develop tables, block diagrams and graphs. There are various Effective tools students can learn in online or offline MATLAB training Course in Burnaby, BC. Plotting Functions, algorithm Implementation and matrix manipulation are some most important MATLAB tools teach you in the course. Student can learn different UI design which can also prefer by the developer to develop creative user interfaces.

MATLAB Training in Vancouver BC

E2Matrix Canada offers a comprehensive Best MATLAB Training in Vancouver BC. Students with MATLAB qualification are able to obtain a fast job at the MNC. Participants need to be enrolled in the best MATLAB training institute to learn the skills involved in technology. Our core strengths are our trainers, who are experienced and expert professionals and veterans of the industry. At the MATLAB Training in Vancouver BC, our trainers have developed realistic modules to integrate the syllabus. During the MATLAB course, trainers use simulators and tools to create a realistic scenario. At E2MATRIX, we consider students to be our responsibility. Our values inspire us to provide students a comprehensive MATLAB training so that they achieve their career goals confidently. To do this, we have set up a laboratory that is comprised of the latest tools, applications and software according to industry standards. Our entire building is equipped with Wi-Fi, state-of – the-art I.T infrastructure and smart classroom amenities.

Anyone who’s desires to make their career in MATLAB must get proper training from any professional and right institute. E2Matrix Canada is considered as the highly preferable institute for the right kind training of MATLAB training as it has good teaching experience in the coaching and training of MATLAB. Getting trained from our highly expert teachers and trainers of the E2Matrix Canada who done a lot of research work in MATLAB and also developed various projects in MATLAB will be highly beneficial for the students.

MATLAB Course Contents

  • Introduction to MATLAB
  • Historical Background
  • Applications
  • Scope of MATLAB
  • Importance to Engineers
  • Features
  • MATLAB Windows (Editor, Work space, Command history, Command Window)
  • Operations with variables
  • Naming and Checking Existence
  • Clearing Operations

Data and data flow in MATLAB

  • Matrix Operations & Operators
  • Reshaping Matrices
  • Importing Exporting Of Data
  • Arrays
  • Data types
  • File Input-Output
  • Communication with external devices

Editing and debugging M Files

  • Writing script files
  • writing functions
  • Error Correction
  • M-Lint Automatic Code Analyzer
  • Saving files

MATLAB Graphics

  • Simple graphics
  • Graphic Types
  • Plotting functions
  • Creating plot &Editing plot (2D and 3D)
  • Graphics Handles
  • GUI (Graphical User Interface)


  • Introduction
  • Importance
  • Model Based Design
  • Tools
  • Mathematical Modeling
  • Converting Mathematical Model into Simulink Model
  • Running Simulink Models
  • Importing Exporting Data
  • Solver Configuration
  • Masking Block/Model
  • Basic Technical Level Computing with MATLAB

Control System Toolbox

  • General instructions
  • Create linear models
  • Classes of Control System Toolbox
  • Discussion on state space representation
  • Transfer function
  • System gain and dynamics
  • Time & Frequency domain analysis
  • Classical design, State Space Model
  • Transfer function representation, System response
  • LTI viewer detail and explanation about LTI viewer
  • Designing of compensator
  • Use of SISO design

Signal Processing Toolbox

  • Basics of Signal Processing
  • Representing Signals
  • Analysis of different Signals
  • Complex Signals
  • Filter Designing
  • Using the Filter Designing GUIs
  • Analyzing the filter plots
  • Filter Designing using Script Files
  • Speech Recording
  • Speech Processing
  • Other Signal Processing Functions

Computer Vision Systems Toolbox

  • Input, Output, and Conversions
  • Display and Graphics
  • Registration and Stereo Vision
  • Motion Estimation and Tracking
  • Geometric Transformations
  • Filters, Transforms, and Enhancements

Fuzzy Logic Toolbox

  • Basic introduction to fuzzy logic
  • Fuzzy Versus Non-fuzzy Logic
  • Foundations of Fuzzy Logic
  • Fuzzy Inference Systems
  • Building Systems with Fuzzy Logic Toolbox Software
  • Building Fuzzy Inference Systems Using Custom Functions
  • Working from the Command Line
  • Working in Simulink Environment
  • Simulating Fuzzy Inference Systems Using the Fuzzy Inference Engine

Neural Network Toolbox

  • Network Objects, Data, and Training Styles
  • Multilayer Networks and Backpropagation Training
  • Control Systems
  • Radial Basis Networks
  • Self-Organizing and Learning
  • Vector Quantization Nets
  • Adaptive Filters and Adaptive Training

If you too searching some best MATLAB Training in Vancouver BC then E2Matrix is here to solve your all kind of query and our experts always ready to help you. IF you want to learn MATLAB or facing any kind of problem in MATLAB Training don’t waste your time just call us at
(604) 360 7088 and get all know about the training like mode of training, cost, duration, and topics cover in that training.


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