M.Tech Thesis Help in VANET | PhD Thesis Help in VANET

M.Tech Thesis Help in VANET | PhD Thesis Help in VANET

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VANET and VANET Simulation in NS2

VANET calls for an ad hoc network of vehicles. A Vehicle Ad-Hoc Network or VANET is a sub-form of a Mobile Ad-Hoc Network or MANET that provides connectivity between vehicles and between vehicles and base stations on the road to ensure efficient and safe transport. VANET’s aim is to turn the conventional transport system into a smart transport system. If it does not depend on pre-existing infrastructures like routers etc. in wired networks, a network is ad hoc.

How VANET Simulation Works

In VANET moving vehicles are the network nodes that link to other different network nodes in order to create a communication network. All moving vehicles automatically wind up remote switch allowing cars to communicate with each other within a range of about 250 m making a portable device. Different vehicles can join immediately as vehicles move out of the range. As compared to MANET, VANET introduces more challenges due to high node mobility and rapid VANET topology changes. Researchers have developed and proposed various routing protocols after recognizing the major challenges of VANETs.


It helps to prevent accidents and to change today’s way we look at driving. A VANET allows vehicle systems to send and receive messages from other vehicles automatically and dynamically without the assistance of network equipment. Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (VANETs) is innovation that coordinates the capacities of new-age remote systems to vehicles. VANET manufactures a strong Ad-Hoc system for portable and roadside vehicles. It is a form of MANET that establishes communication between nearby vehicles and adjacent fixed mechanical assembly, usually represented as a device on the roadside.

Types of routing in VANET

There are various routing protocols are used in VANET network technology. There are three topology driven protocols namely proactive, reactive and hybrid.

Ad hoc Based Routing

Location-Based Routing

Cluster-Based Routing

Broadcast Routing

Geocast Routing

M.Tech Thesis Help in VANET

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PhD Thesis Help in VANET

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