M.Tech Thesis Help in 5G | PhD Thesis Help in 5G Wireless Technology

M.Tech Thesis Help in 5G | PhD Thesis Help in 5G Wireless Technology

5G wireless technology is very popular nowadays in the field of research and development. 5G is the fifth generation wireless mobile network of cellular technology. It will take a much larger role than previous generations. 5G technology provide a high-speed communication system and increased the speed of data transmission. The new 5G technology is not just the next version of mobile communications, it’s an evolution of wireless network technology. 5G means the next step into the progression of technology to replace the current 4G communication system. 4G is coming after 3G technology and 3G is after 2G. Latest Technologies are upgrading our systems and communication day by day.  These all systems and technologies are called computer networks. Earlier “G” technology is designed to improve mobile communication operations and networks. Each new technology update brought new major updates and lots of improvements in network speed and network capacity. The new 5G network technology promise more. In the future, it expected that it permits more users to do more and more things at a faster network rate. It offers us higher internet speed and a larger network capacity, which means better performance for devices used by users who are connected to 5G technology. Experts say 5G technology is different from other network technologies that are currently available.

5G Wireless Technology is now the latest cellular technology, which will greatly increase the network speed. 5G technology will offer us up to 20GBPS data speed or internet speed. 20GBPS is the maximum data speed offered by 5G. 5G will also provide more bandwidth and advanced antenna technology which will result in much more data transmitted over wireless systems.

Working of 5G Wireless Technology?

In 5G technology system basically 2 main components are 1. used: –

  1. Radio Access Network
  2. Core Network

Now we are going to discuss it in details

  1. Radio Access Network – In Radio Access network includes 5G small cells and macros cells mainly that form the crus of 5G wireless technology system and as well as the system that connects to the mobile phone devices to the core network. All the small cells in 5G are located in big clusters because the millimeter wave spectrum only can travel over short distances only. It will provide more wide area coverage for network technology. Macrocells in 5G uses Multiple inputs – multiple outputs (MIMO) antennas that have connected with multiple connections to transfer and receive large amounts of data simultaneously. That means lots of users can connect with the 5G network simultaneously at the same time.
  2. Core Network – The 5G core network manages all the data and internet connections for 5G internet wireless technology and a big advantage of the 5G network is that it can integrate with the internet much more efficiently and it also provides additional services like cloud-based services, distributed servers that improve response times, etc. Another advanced feature of the 5G core networks slicing.

What can 5G do?

Technology experts say 5G will be very helpful for future “smart cities” by connecting the wireless sensor networks. Such type of networks will be able to handle lots of activities like, control vehicle traffic and quickly identify streetlight outages. It is also expected that 5G technology to connect with self-driving cars and supports lots of new and latest technology that help us in our daily life and involving virtual reality. Highly network speed will help in the medical field also, it helps doctors to perform remote operations. Lots of industries and businesses will use 5G network technology to collect information.

When will it be available?

Before everyone can use 5G wireless technology, companies and mobile phone makers will have to complete and deploy a whole new system and devices. A new phone and all communication devices must be built. American wireless companies have been preparing for the new system for some time. They creating new network equipment and buying broadcasting space to carry 5G network signals. They are working on the latest 5G antennas and already built some antenna equipment’s to serve 5G networks to American cities and towns.

Benefits of 5G Wireless Technology

The latest 5G wireless technology will not only enhance current mobile broadband services, but it will also expand the world of mobile networks, which includes new devices and services in multiple industries from retail to education to entertainment with much higher performance at a very less cost. 5G is a new kind of network technology a platform for innovation and technologies which will not only enhance today’s mobile networks services but also expend mobile broadband network to support a vast diversity of devices and services.

Some of the benefits of 5G in various domains are given here:

  1. 5G network will make our mobile phone much smarter with faster and more uniform data rates, lower latency and cost-per-bit and this, in turn, will lead to the common acceptance of new immersive technologies like Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality.
  2. 5G network will have the convenience of ultra-reliable, low latency links that will empower industries to invest in more projects which require remote control of critical infrastructure in various fields like medicine, aviation, etc.
  3. 5G will lead to an Internet of Things revolution as it has the ability to scale up or down in features like data rates, power, and mobility which is perfect for an application like connecting multiple embedded sensors in almost all devices!

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