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Latest Thesis Topic in Wireless Communication System

Wireless Communication is the most popular communication technology popular nowadays. A wireless communication system is one of the best mediums for communication. Many masters scolars doing their research work on Thesis Topic in Wireless Communication. In the wireless communication system, we can transfer data or information from one place to another place in the form of radio waves or we can say electromagnetic signals that are broadcast by an enabled device within the air, physical environment or atmosphere. Sender devices transfer intermediate data signal with the ability to propagate wireless signals. The communication between two devices occurs when the destination or receiving intermediate device captures these signals, creating a wireless communication bridge between the sender and receiver device. There is a various form of wireless communication are used for communications:

  1. Satellite communication
  2. Mobile communication
  3. Wireless network communication
  4. Infrared communication
  5. Bluetooth communication
  6. WAN
  7. WSN
  8. IoT
  9. MANET
  10. Zigbee

All of the above communication systems have different underlying architecture, they all lack a physical or wired connection between their respective devices to initiate and execute communication.

In the research field, wireless communication technology is a domain in which information and communication are made possible between two or more possible points without any physical wire or contact or any type of electrical conductor between these points. Any type of wires is not used in this communication system. This type of communication method is used where installations of wires are not possible for communications. Communication between long-distance is made possible with the use of wireless technology. We can transfer information in long distance area or places where wires setting up communication using wire in not possible or difficult. In this type of communication methods have lots of advantages over wired communication.

Wireless communication is one of the vast areas of research in which research can be carried out in the number of fields like increasing the range of communication, increasing the lifetime of nodes, improving energy efficiency and decreasing network failure and made strong network technology.

Latest Thesis topic in Wireless Communication

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Wireless Communication Thesis Help Service

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Wireless Communication Research Topics Help

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