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Simulation can expressed to represent the eventual real behavior of the selected system model. It is used for performance optimization for creating a model of the system in order to gain insight into their functioning. We can estimate and assume of the real system by using simulation results. OPNET Training in jalandhar offer you complete course related to OPNET Projects. The main  objective of providing the OPNET training in Chandigarh is to motivate students to complete their projects by their own and families with the technology.

OPNET Thesis Help in Chandigarh

As per the OPNET thesis help in Chandigarh, network simulator, OPNET modeller has been used as a simulation environment. OPNET is a simulator made on top of discrete event system (DES) and it simulates the system behavior by modelling each event in the system and processes it through user defined processes. OPNET Training in Mohali is really powerful application software to simulate heterogeneous network with different protocols. OPNET Thesis help in Jalandhar gives us output in a graphical way, so that we can analyse the performance of any equipment in network. The protocols used in this OPNET Projects in Mohali are RIPng, IS-IS Hybrid (RIPng + IS-IS) Routing protocol. The given routing protocols are compared and calculated based on some quantitative metrics such   E-mail upload Response time, E-mail download Response time, Http Page Response Time ,Http object Response Time, Remote login Response Time, Video End to End Delay, Voice End to End Delay ,MOS value ,and Jitter, we  got that  Hybrid protocol  Provides better Results than others protocols. We have developed three various but different scenarios  for RIPng, IS-IS  Hybrid (RIPng + IS-IS) Routing protocol .

The network topology composed of the following network devices and configuration utilities:

  1. Routers
  2. Switches
  3. Lan
  4. Ds3 link
  5. 100 base link
  6. Ethernet Server
  7. Mobility Configuration
  8. Application Configuration
  9. Profile Configuration

For OPNET Project in Jalandhar or research three networks implemented for different protocols like


The network topology design is based on the layout of  Asia Network. We adopted different IP Nodes (Router) in order with various scenario and An Application Definition Object and a Profile Definition Object named correspondingly are considered. Application Configuration and Profile Configuration are added from the object palette into the work space. The Application Configuration permits generating various types of application traffic. As per real time applications are discussed in our OPNET Project in Chandigarh work, the Application Definition Object is set to support. A Profile Definition Object expressed the profiles within the defined application traffic of the Application Definition Objects. As per Profile Configuration, different profiles are generated on the basis of Application Configuration.

OPNET Projects in Chandigarh Characteristics

  • Provides virtual real time environment for networks with GUI.
  • Useful in evaluation of designs for new network models and architectures.
  • Easy to understand the network behavior in different scenarios.
  • It has Pre defined network models and designs for user education and development

 Design & Analysis in OPNET Thesis help in Mohali

When implementing a real model of the system in the OPNET, some steps are to be followed to design on simulator. Figure shows a flow chart of the steps.

Figure  Flow Chart of OPNET

1.  Model Design   As per Model Design section we create the network, it’s all depends on the user, how can a user design its network .user select the virtual devices according to its requirement.

2. Apply Statistics As per this section, overall statistics are applied which is required. When we complete the design network in OPNET, then next step is apply the statistics which is required, a user can easily select the statistics by double click on the design palate.

3. Run As per this section we run the scenario which is designed .in run section we can give the name to the scenario according to our choice, we can also set the time duration that would be the time to run.

4. Results As per this section we obtain the Results which were the requirement. If the results are not according to our choice, then we can again change the design section and then run the simulator and again obtain the results.

Structure of the OPNET Training in Jalandhar

OPNET Projects in Jalandhar Help is a high level user interface that is made as of C and C ++ source code with huge library of OPNET function.

1. Hierarchical Structure

OPNET model has three domains.

  • Network domain
  • NODE Domain
  • Process Domain

 Network Domain Physical connection, interconnection and configuration can be considered in the network model. It represent entire system Such as network, sub-network on the geographical map to be simulated.  Broadly network domain is that part in which user is directly interacted. Network domain is that palette in which we can design the network.

Figure  Network Domain

 Node Domain

Node domain is an internal infrastructure of the network domain. Node can act Routers, Workstations, and Satellite and so on. In OPNET we can have the internal view of any node .


Figure  Node Domain

 Process Domain Process domain are used to specify the attribute of the processor and queue model by using source code C and C ++ that’s inbuilt the node models. Process domain is internal working. Before process domain whole scenario which are created by the user are executed in a queue . In process domain internal OPNET working, process the scenario and then we can get the results.

Figure  Process Domain

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