Latest Cloud Computing Topics

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  1. Priority based Performance Improved Algorithm for Meta-Task Scheduling in Cloud Environment, 2017, IEEE, Scheduling
  2. Scheduling of Jobs based on Hungarian Method in Cloud Computing, 2017, IEEE, Scheduling
  3. Data Security Enhancement in Public Cloud Storage Using Data Obfuscation and Steganography,2017, IEEE, Security
  4. A modified cryptographic approach for securing distributed data storage in cloud computing, 2017, IEEE, Security
  5. Secure and flexible data sharing via cipher text retrieval for cloud computing, 2017, IEEE, Security
  6. AES and MD5 based secure authentication in cloud computing, 2017, IEEE, Security
  7. Novel Hybrid Cost-Priority Based Scheduling in Cloud Environment, 2016, IEEE, Scheduling
  8. Cost Effective Genetic Algorithm for Workflow Scheduling in Cloud Under Deadline Constraint, 2016, IEEE, Scheduling
  9. Task Scheduling Algorithm in Cloud Computing Environment Based on Cloud Pricing Models, 2016, Cloud scheduling
  10. Performance Analysis of Bio-Inspired Scheduling Algorithms for Cloud Environments,2016, Cloud scheduling
  11. Heuristic Task Scheduling with Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm for Virtual Machines,2016, Cloud scheduling
  12. Priority Aware Longest Job First Algorithm for utilization of the resource in cloud environment.,2016, Cloud scheduling
  13. Task scheduling in cloud computing,2016, Cloud scheduling
  14. Round Robin Selection of the data center simulation technique Cloud Sim and cloud analyst architecture and making it efficient by using load balancing technique,2016, Load Balancing
  15. Enhanced Dynamic Load Balancing Algorithm for Resource Provisioning in Cloud,2016, Load Balancing
Latest Cloud Computing Topics
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Latest Cloud Computing Topics
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