Best Cognitive Radio Training | Cognitive Radio Training Institute

Best Cognitive Radio Training | Cognitive Radio Training Institute
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Cognitive radio is a type of hybrid technology that uses software defined radio which is then applied to the spectrum communication. The general functions of the cognitive radio involve ability to correctly identify and authorize its existing users, ability to determine the geographical location, decrypt or encrypt signals, and adjust modulation and power characteristics. There exist two different types of cognitive radio, first is spectrum sensing cognitive radio and second is full cognitive radio. The spectrum sensitive cognitive radio is used for the purpose of detecting channels in the frequency spectrum of radio. On the other hand, the full cognitive radio involves the existing parameters of a network or a wireless node. For learning more about cognitive radio in detail, just go for the Cognitive Radio training in Jalandhar Chandigarh. This advanced technology of cognitive radio makes the user capable of using spectrum or radio frequencies in a new and more sophisticated way. The cognitive radio can easily detect sense and monitor the current working of the operating system environment. Thus, with the help of this feature they can dynamically reconfigure the existing features so as they can best match with the current conditions. 6 months Cognitive Radio training in Jalandhar Chandigarh can be very useful for understanding the process of cognitive radio.


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